We are a brand strategy, research, and innovation firm that believes your brand is the heart and soul of your business and that getting your brand right will drive long term business growth. Our process is simple:

1) We develop a deep and broad understanding of your customers (sift), which enables us to...

2) ...define and develop your brand to stand out from the competition (cipher), and...

3) ....drive innovation to develop breakthrough ideas ready for execution (cipher)

So that your business will bloom!


consumer INSIGHT

Data is not the same thing as insight. Nor are observations of consumer behavior.

To really get at the true, compelling consumer insight that will grow your business, you have to have both of the above and then dig deep with consumers or users of your brand to understand the WHY of their actions and feelings. 

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Brand strategy

A brand is a promise. A promise to your customers about who you are, why you exist, and what benefits you deliver, that when taken together, makes people want to be associated with your brand. By purchasing, by sharing, by being affiliated with others who buy your brand. For the brand to succeed, it must not only make the right promise, but also deliver on it each and every day so the customers’ experiences with the brand are what the brand intended.

Defining your brand promise will put you on the right path.

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At the heart of innovation is discovery.

We help brands discover and create new opportunities through revolutionary innovation techniques.

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