At the heart of innovation is discovery.

We help brands discover and create new opportunities through revolutionary innovation techniques.

Innovation is the lifeblood of keeping any business alive and flourishing. Be it product innovation, service innovation, or process innovation. Yet, where most companies fail in their innovation efforts is they don’t push the creative thinking far enough to develop truly new and breakthrough solutions. Instead, they end up ideating in the same box.

So, how does one push beyond routine thinking to develop breakthrough ideas ready for execution?



Our belief is that far too often, those participating in innovation efforts bring their judgments, biases, and expectations of what will and will not work in their particular organization. In essence, they are evaluating ideas (and probably dismissing them) before the ideas have even been fully developed, and sometimes before they’ve even been shared!

Our time proven innovation techniques circumvent this judgment that stifles creativity before it even has a chance to emerge.



We develop an often times dizzying array of ideas through divergent approaches not only because we’ve suspended judgment, but also because we use techniques like leveraging metaphor and bisociation (associating an object or idea with fields or items not ordinarily regarded as related) to promote breakthrough thinking.

By bringing in what might traditionally be seen as incompatible frames of reference, we disrupt narrow and convergent thinking and allow creative and divergent thinking to flourish.



Creativity alone is not enough to develop a winning innovative idea. Our process incorporates building in feasibility by key stakeholders and functional experts, early in the process.  Even far out ideas that seem impossible are solved. Through an iterative and now converging process, we identify weaknesses and solve for and eliminate each one in sequence, until feasibility is achieved.


Our services include:

  • Innovation sessions
  • New product development process implementation
  • Concept testing and evaluation
  • User experience integration
  • Product and service positioning